Dugan Murphy is a nationally known contra dance caller, co-organizer of Portland Intown Contra Dance, a Maine Humorist, a voice-artist, a storyteller, and a non-profit consultant.



Dugan probably wants to visit you. He’s excited about crowds of experienced contra dancers, as well as community dance events.

You should incorporate community social dance into your next fundraiser, wedding, birthday party, or social group get-together. Dugan can put together an awesome band with their own sound equipment and get your people moving without any prior dance experience.

To find out if he's available to call at your event,  simply email him with details at dugan-at-duganmurphy.com (replace “-at-” with “@:” to make that work).



Dugan Murphy is a contra dance caller performing across the U.S. and Canada, whose smooth-voiced and joyful teaching has the precision of clockwork.


Dugan Murphy's voice is smooth like an evening radio personality and his pants are loud like his favorite metal band. He calls contra dances across the U.S. and Canada, but mostly in the Northeast and Midwest. He is known for emanating joy and for teaching with the artful precision of clockwork.


Dugan Murphy is a contra dance caller performing across the U.S. and Canada. He always puts on a great party. His voice is smooth like a movie-trailer voice-over, his joyful energy is infectious, and his outfits are... well, you'll have to see them to understand. He chooses intuitive dances and teaches them with just the right amount of direction, leaving spaciousness for dancers to groove to the music.

He began calling in 2011 while living in Cincinnati, Ohio and within four months was booked at a local dance weekend. Since returning home to his native Maine, he's called throughout the Northeast and across the country, from local dances to big events like Flurry Festival (Saratoga Springs, New York), Ooh La La dance weekend (Richmond, Quebec), and Contradancers Delight Holiday week (Mogantown, West Virgina).

In 2016, Dugan created a Calling 101 class for brand new callers, which he's taught to around fifty students in classes set in Portland, Maine, Brooklyn, New York, and Toronto, Ontario. He serves as an ongoing mentor to emerging callers. Also in 2016, he co-organized Portland Intown Contra Dance, a lively weekly series on the peninsula in Portland, Maine.

He's also a Maine Humorist, voice artist, storyteller, and nonprofit consultant.


Florida Snow Ball, Gulport, Florida

Youth Dance Weekend, Weston, Vermont

Butterfly Whirl, Atlanta, Georgia

Hey Fever!, Ottawa, Ontario

Flurry Festival, Saratoga Springs, New York

Lake Eden Arts Festival (LEAF), Black Mountain, North Carolina

Contradancers Delight Holiday, Morgantown, West Virginia

Ooh La La, Richmond, Quebec

Bayou Bedlam contra dance weekend, Houston, Texas

Fall Ball, Peterborough, New Hampshire

Dawn Dance, Brattleboro, Vermont

Pigtown Fling, Cincinnati, Ohio

Chambana Jan Jam, Urbana, Illinois

Hoosier Partner, Indianapolis, Indiana

Mad Robin Romp, Bloomington, Indiana

Fall Frolic, Greenfield, Massachusetts

Pinewoods Camp, Plymouth, Massachusetts

Portland Intown Contra Dance, Portland, Maine


Dugan Murphy calling at Flurry Festival, Saratoga Springs, NY - February 2016

Dugan Murphy calling at Flurry Festival in Saratoga Springs, New York. (February 2016)

Image by Dela Murphy

Dugan at PICD

Dugan Murphy calling at Portland Intown Contra Dance in Portland, Maine. (April 2017)

Image by  Mark Bolton

Dugan at PICD

Dugan Murphy calling at Portland Intown Contra Dance in Portland, Maine. (April 2017)

Image by  Mark Bolton

For videos of Dugan calling, visit the Gallery.

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