Dugan Murphy is a nationally known contra dance caller, co-organizer of Portland Intown Contra Dance, a Maine Humorist, a voice-artist, a storyteller, and a non-profit consultant.

Dugan is a Voice Artist

Dugan is a voice actor specializing in Maine dialects, and flexible enough to offer a wide range of voices and sound effects.

This basic sampler reel features a political ad, an excerpt from teaching contra dance, a commercial ad, and an excerpt from a traditional Maine story.

Here, he's featured in a voiceover for Figures of Speech Theater's production Art of Memory: Stories from Maine's Outer Islands, a collage of stories puppet-acted by children in schools on Maine's islands and voice-acted by professionals. More information on this project is available through the Island Institute. Dugan not only provided several voices, but also sound effects for the piece.

Dugan's piece starts at about 4:50.


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