Dugan Murphy is a nationally known contra dance caller, co-organizer of Portland Intown Contra Dance, a Maine Humorist, a voice-artist, a storyteller, and a non-profit consultant.

Dugan Teaches Playshops

Calling 101

Calling 101 is a 5-hour experience-based class that trains new callers in the basics. Topics covered include how dances are structured, how choreography fits with the music, how to teach dances, how to prompt, and best practices in calling. Ample time is provided for practice and feedback with live dancers. Limit of nine participants.

Read the article Dugan wrote for the Summer 2017 edition of the CDSS News about this class format, including more details about how Calling 101 works and how he mentors students after the class is over.


Calling 102

Calling 102 is a 5-hour experience-based class that trains emerging callers in more advanced topics, focusing on choreography choice.  Participants assess different contra choreography for complexity, variables of variety, flow, and acceptability by modern contra dancers; practice putting together a planned program of dances for an event; learn methods for assessing dancers' needs and their ability to dance more or less complex choreography; discuss working with musicians to achieve desired musical moods; and practice leading a beginner lesson.


Themed Dance Programs

If you're hiring Dugan for a dance weekend or special event, he can create a themed program for you. 


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